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A new Mika Community Church was completed in 2006.  Local churches play a very important role in the overall develoopment of the community.  They also play a very important role in comforting, consoling, and giving hope to the bereaved families who have lost loved ones.
Currently the Mika Foundation is working on several projects funded through the generous donations received.
The orphans receive one meal per day.  This meal is paid for by the Mika Foundation and made and served by local women volunteers.  This meal is often the only food the orphans have all day.

The Mika Foundation's current project reaches far beyond the Village School into the entire community. We are funding, in partnership with the local government, a major Water Project to obtain clean water from deep wells for Mika's 10,000-plus villagers.

The wells have been drilled and water is expected to be pumped into a reservoir from where the water will be piped to selected sites where the villagers can easily carry the water to their homes. The Foundation is planning to fund electricty needed to pump the water to the reservoir. The electricity will also be used to promote local business eg. manufacturing (such as funiture and building materials).

The Foundation also built a latrine for the Mika Village School.  Without the latrine, the school was going to be closed.It also prevents the spread of diseases such as dysentery and cholera.
Several of the blackboards in the Mika Village School have been replaced. The Foundation's goal is to replace the dilapidated classrooms.
Mika Foundation has also donated many, many school supplies for the children in school.  Almost every child in school now owns a pencil!
Every donation received is put to good use immediately!



 Mika Foundation, P. O. Box 80648, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 70898