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Board of Directors

Dr.  Hector Alila is the President of Mika Foundation. While he was born in Mika Village in Tanzania, he spent his childhood and part of his adult life in Kenya. He grew up in the same environment as the children shown in these pages. He has lived in the USA for 25 years. He came to the USA as a student, received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.  He taught in New York State College of Veterinary Medicine before serving in senior management positions in several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He has also served in the Board of Directors in several companies, including his own businesses. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Drug Development at Protalex, Inc., a biotechnology company based in New Hope Pennsylvania. He has been involved in projects that help African children get opportunities in education and promote their health.

Beatrice (Bea) Alila Katita is a Trustee for Mika Foundation was born in Kenya in a small village known as Kendu -Bay. She spent a better part of her adult life in Kenya working for Standard Chartered Bank as a Corporate Lender. Bea moved to England on secondment by the Standard Chartered Bank to the HSBC (Midland Bank) group in their Corporate and Commercial Lending Division, while attending the University of North London as an open student in their Economics/Finance department. Bea is a seasoned Banker, who has worked in some of the largest Banking Institutions in this country and abroad in very senior positions. Some of these Banks include, Citicorp, USBancorp.
She is currently a Vice President in Small Business Lending with Wells Fargo Bank.
Bea has volunteered her time and money to Organizations involved in helping the needy causes for many years, and has a passion for Mika Foundation, whose projects she is committed to see succeed.

 Mika Foundation, P.O. Box 80643, Baton Rouge, LA 70898