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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We are committed to empowering the local community in the Mika area to eradicate poverty by supporting projects that improve their quality of life.  We aim to do this through education, improved health and by providing care to the orphans and vulnerable children.  This will help them realize their full potential and talents for the common good of the community.

The Mika Foundation strives to identify and utilize local natural resources to provide sustainable and economic development activities in the community.  We work with the local community to provide orphaned children and caregivers the tools and skills needed to face the challenges of life, particularly associated with bereavement and disempowerment.


Our primary goal is to raise enough funds to support building an orphanage for HIV/AIDS orphans and support families that have been hit by the disease.  The funds raised will also be used to educate and feed the children, build a school, prevent diseases and improve the lives of the local people.

Mika Foundation, P.O. Box 80643, Baton Rouge, LA 70898



 Mika Foundation, P.O. Box 80643, Baton Rouge, LA 70898