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What We Need Now

Meal Program

Feed approximately fifty orphans per day
$7,200 per year

School support

The school currently has 15 classrooms with no supplies other than a damaged blackboard and four desks for up to 77 students.  School supplies are desperately needed.

One Blackboard $50
One Desk $25
One child’s school supplies $20

Latrines at school

Currently there are no bathroom facilities at the school.  The lack of latrines has led to a threat to close the school.

Build a Latrine House and Dig Supporting Infrastructure        $5000

Wells for Clean Water

The lack of clean water is a significant health problem; water from rivers is contaminated and is miles away.

One well       $1000

Supplies and Clothing

The children of Mika need clothing and shoes.  We collect these in Pennsylvania and ship them to Mika.

Cost of shipping      $6200

Please consider donating whatever you can afford to offset these projected costs.  All donations are tax-deductible.  100% of donations are used to support the Mika Villagers.  The work of the Mika Foundation is entirely voluntary; there is no overhead.

 Mika Foundation, P. O. Box 80648, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 70898